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Can You Feel the Burn?        






In the Summer of 2003, Burnin' Sensations gathered in Ames, IA to create jammin' funky, soulful popular music. What happened was
spontaneously combustible fun. Since their initial outbreak, the fire has spread to surrounding the communities of Altoona, Ankeny, Atlantic,
Blairsburg, Boone, Cambridge, Clear Lake, Clive, Des Moines, Desoto, Exira, Fort Dodge, Gilbert, Guthrie Center, Ida Grove,
Radcliffe, Indianola, Jewell, Johnston, Kearney NE, Kelley, Madrid, Mt. Pleasant, Nevada, Ogden, Oskaloosa, Ottumwa,
Paton, Riverside, Salix, Sigourney, Slater, Story City, Tama, Waukee, Webster City, West Des Moines, Windsor Heights, Winterset, and Zearing.
Local Fire Departments and health centers have been mobilized to contain this spread.

Burnin' Sensations continue to gather both fans (Accelerants) and detractors (Fire Retardants). The ranks of both groups will swell
as they expose themselves to more of the public. Which group do you think you will join?
Experience Burnin' Sensations and find out for yourself.

Stacy Peterson
Stacy Peterson Stage Name: Hey.....You!
Role: Vocals/Guitar/Percussion
Day Job: Wood Manipulator
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movie: Anything with Scarlett Johansson
What's on his iPod? Bee Gee's
What's under his kilt? Under Armor
Quote: "You shan't recover from that one"
Accelerant of choice: peppermint....yum.
Ride: Heritage
Kate Sherrard
Kate Sherrard Stage Name: Katiedidit
Role: Vocals
Day Job: Subway Conductor
Favorite Color: GREEN
Favorite Movie: Hasn't been made yet
What's on her iPod? Pantera and Celine Dion
What's under her kilt? How warm are your hands?
Quote: "NOT IT!"
Accelerant of choice: Whiskey....with an E
Ride: Love Bug
Ben Lehl
Beh Lehl Stage Name: Bingo
Role: Male Lead Vocals, beat box, funkinator, guitar
Day Job: Emissary from Subspace
Favorite Color: Funky Purple
Favorite Movie: Crossroads (the one with Britney Spears)
What's on his iPod? Ben Lehl Group
What's under his kilt? Another kilt
Accelerant of choice: Grape Koolaid
Ride: Monkee-mobile
Tim Helgeson
Tim Helgeson Stage Name: Timmy Quick Lumber
Role: Drummer/Vocalist/Feedback Suppreser
Day Job: Food Taster to the Indigent
Favorite Color: Orange with a hint of gravy
Favorite Movie: The one with the harsh language and the adult situations
What's on his iPod? Your text messages
What's under his kilt? Ear Protection
Quote: "Let's let our ears do the talking"
Accelerant of choice: Templeton Rye
Ride: Honda Nighthawk
Ron Carson
Ron Carson Stage Name: More-Ron
Role: Spurious Low Frequency Generator (bass)
Day Job: Dressange Horse Choreographer
Favorite Color: Tidy Bowl Blue
Favorite Movie: "The Bi-Polar Express"
What's on his iPod? What's an iPod?
What's under his kilt? Depends. Who wants to know?
Quote: "If Moses could part the seas, why did he need to build an ark?"
Accelerant of choice: Mineral Spirits
Ride: Zamboni